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July 30, 2009

Spending time “making more money”

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I haven’t posted anything here for awhile because I’ve been busy following Ramit Sethi’s advice by earning more money. Well, in theory.

I spent a couple of weeks looking for any part-time job I could find. Apparently, I am overqualified for everything. I must have sent out 40-50 applications/resumes/cover letters. I tried applying for a new “main” job, but I quickly realized that was a dumb idea since my current job is so flexible, pays pretty well and offers a lot of opportunity. I also couldn’t bear the thought of leaving my coworkers and my boss – I am way too emotional for that. I got *no* answers back to the part-time jobs. Not one. And I only got one interview for my “main” job – this was all very surprising to me. I even tried dumbing down my resume – nothing. It was pretty discouraging, to say the least.

Luckily, another opportunity presented itself – I’ve started a side-consultancy with a friend with great connections, skills and experience, and we already have some billable work, and the promise of a lot more. So – that is taking up a lot of my free time, and I figure it will be the ticket that helps me build up my emergency funds and pay down my debt faster. Of course that leaves less time to read and write about personal finances – but I figure for now, that’s a good thing.

Has anyone else had luck finding part-time/side work? I was really surprised that no one wrote me back. I have solid experience and I think my resume is really solid. I’m a decent writer and made none of the typical cover letter mistakes. Very odd – or maybe I am overestimating the job market?


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