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May 26, 2009

Yet another personal finance blog?

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I’m embarking on a mission.

I have credit card debt and a mortgage that on second thought, wasn’t such a good deal. I am gainfully employed in my chosen profession, but since I work for a startup I’m not earning what I perhaps could elsewhere – but still happy where I am and on a good career trajectory (I believe).

My whole life money has come to me relatively easily. In the same token, I’ve spent unbeliveable amounts of money on things I apparently didn’t need, since I can’t recall what they are at present.

Now I’m committed to stopping the downward spiral. I want to get total control of my finances and work towards building a secure and stable financial future for myself.

A couple of things that I will be doing on this blog:

1. Publishing a monthly breakdown of debt payoff, expenditures and perhaps income. (Note: I have been tracking my expenses now for 5 months so I have a pretty good system down.)

2. Distilling strategies for financial freedom from other personal finance writers, perhaps devising my own.

3. Exploring strategies for personal productivity and other “lifehacking” tips as time allows.


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