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July 3, 2009

Some positive facts to balance out all the negative (debt)

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I had a hard time sleeping last night, and I think it’s a mixture of some relationship stuff I’m going through (as in, I don’t have one anymore) and a result of listing out all my debts like that.

So – I want to celebrate the GOOD things that I have now:

Health – I am healthy

Family – I have a wonderful family that I love very much

Friends – I have some great friends – I love them too

Job – I have a job still, and it’s pretty stable. I got an interview for another job recently, and although I don’t think I’ll be taking it anymore, it’s nice to know that my skills are in demand. My boss told me I was the smartest person he’d ever worked with (he wasn’t joking that time)

Financial –

401k – current value is about $6,500

Traditional IRA – current value is about $1,800

High-interest savings – I have about $2,500 towards my emergency fund, and about $1,000 worth of other savings

So – it’s not ALL bad. This is the hard part – pushing through all the debt and getting my emergency fund up to at least 3 months.

I’ve been applying for part-time work (advice of Ramit Sethi in I Will Teach You To Be Rich and Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover) – I need to spend a certain period of time focusing all my energy towards earning extra money to pay off debt and save. So – positive outlook! That’s my mantra for today.


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  1. Sometimes we need a little reflection to remind us that we are indeed heading in a good direction. And even when things get rough, we have a lot to be grateful for. 🙂

    Comment by Luba Muzichenko — July 4, 2009 @ 2:41 pm

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